Helen Forrest is an artist based in North East Scotland. Helen has always painted and paints from the heart. Her work is a result of her individual quirks, techniques and way of seeing things. Her love of life and her reflective nature shines through in her work.

Helen paints using acrylic paint on board, textured using various mixed media. Vibrant colour, simple form and a creative use of texture are woven together to give Helen’s paintings their unique quality.

Helen loves observing people and for her it’s all about the people and their relationships. Her paintings represent the ordinary lives of people but not in conventional portrait style. Her images are uplifting; she captures poignant emotion in her characters’ body expressions. With minimal information she conveys the essence of a person or relationship in a group of people. Such paintings cause the viewer to wonder about the characters depicted.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings or wish to discuss a commission please contact Helen by email.